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My name is Paul Grey and I head up Kickstarter Marketing. I have been involved in the Fitness and Martial Arts Industry since 1971 and teaching since the early 1980’s.

I understand the challenges that you face as a school owner. As a young Instructor, I spent many a summer funding the school from my own pocket or teaching for free. One day I realised that poverty is not a virtue and ‘teaching for the love of the art’,  just meant I had hardly any students.

At that point things changed for me. I wised up. I trained, I taught, I did what I loved but I made sure I got paid for my time. I didn’t go all Mcdojo, I didn’t ‘sell out’, I simply did what I loved and looked at things professionally.

The funny thing is as I started to charge more and stopped the freebie lessons, I got more students. As I got more students, I earned more. As I earned more, I could pay for more training, for courses in the USA, Europe and Israel and I became a better Instructor.

A lesson I quickly learned is this:

Whether you are teaching for passion or profit, every successful martial arts school is run like a successful small business.

Now some decades later I have trained approaching 200 Instructors, helped establish more than 150 licensed schools and launched one of the largest Krav Maga organisations in Europe – British Krav Maga.

My own school Krav Maga Bristol, was one of the UK’s largest Krav Maga schools with over adult 200 students training in a single location. This later expanded into 5 schools across Bristol and later still expanded into British Krav Maga. – one of the largest Krav Maga organisations in Europe.

During this time I learned a lot about the Martial Arts School Business. More specifically, about what it takes to succeed.

One lesson I learned about helping Martial Arts Instructors grow their own schools is this:

Most Martial Arts Schools never reach their potential because the Black belt Instructor remains a White belt school owner.

Most Schools simply need the right marketing processes in place to allow them to focus on what the are good at,  teaching their students…

Most Martial Arts Schools never reach their potential because the Blackbelt Instructor remains a Whitebelt school owner. Most Instructors need the right marketing processes designed and delivered by the right professionals so they can focus on the teaching and training of students.

And this is where we come in…

We have tens of thousands of hours practice in growing and marketing successful martial arts schools. Our team has a proven track record of growing schools. We do your branding, copywriting, paid ads, squeeze/landing pages, inbound marketing, outbound marketing, business automation, web design and business consultancy.

And this is what we offer you, proven experience turning small Martial Art schools into bigger Martial Arts Schools.

Paul Grey


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